Becoming a Loyal Customer – It Works Global

How to sign up as a loyal customer through an It Works website like mine –

* Type in or click on the website provided.

* Click on shop

* Choose items to order – your cart will reflect the retail price – make sure you checkout as a loyal customer to SAVE.

* You will be on auto ship for 3 months, after your 3rd month you can cancel your auto ship but you will lose your perk points. After your 3rd order, you will receive free shipping in any future orders!  We hope that you love our products that you choose to stay on as a loyal customer.

* Shipping is relatively inexpensive. My 1st order was about $3.95, it depends on how many items you order also.

* You can change your orders each month! If you want to try something new, go ahead and try it!

* Your credit card must match your billing address and you must have an email address so we can send your order confirmation. It Works sends emails when your order is going to be deducted from your bank account and when it has been shipped.

For more information, please contact me or through Facebook – Living Green.

If interested in becoming an loyal customer, please visit or email me with your phone number and I would be more than happy to walk through the process over the phone.

- Jessica

greens to go

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